New Album Available Now!

New Album / Line-Up! 

New Album Titled (Best, Worst Selling Album Ever) is out now as a digital download with physical CD copies soon to follow.  Also got some tour dates coming up in the near future.  The Live Band Line - Up will most likely consist of RF, James Freimuth, Alex Buehner & Scott Woods from The Shatterbrains.

Hope to see you all soon!



: )

New Album! 

New Album Is In Process! Featuring Bill Ross Right Along side Of Yours Truly! About 1 Year Out!

New Release Out Now! 

New Album from (The Bittersoundfase) entitled (Paranormal), featuring RF (aka) Rick Freimuth, Alex Beuhner, Steve Gajdos and Darrell Grey has just been released digitaly and will also be released phsicaly in just a couple more weeks!

New Line - Up! 

Eugene Scott & Aron Schur are both Fired from The Bittersoundfase Project. After one too many missed practices due to excesive drug & alchohol abuse, the band decides to fire the two members and recruit Steve Gajdos (bass) & Alex Beuhner (lead & rhtythm guitars. Stay tuned for more news! ; )

Metro Talent Show! 

T.V. Interview Metro Talent Show (Episode 1) an interview with RF (aka) Rick Freimuth / The Bittersoundfase This is a 60 minute episode featuring 2 music videos from The Bittersoundfase along with an interview with RF (aka) Rick Freimuth. Showtimes & Channels Fri 7/2/10 @ 9:30 P.M. Channel 21 Thurs 7/8/10 @ 10:30 P.M. Channel 21 Sat 7/10/10 @ 7:30 P.M. Channel 21 Wed 7/14/10 @ 11:30 P.M. Channel 11 More Channels & Showtimes to come! MetroEast Channels Can Be Found On... Comcast Cable • 11 • 21 • 22…

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Online Interview with Jessica Hoeschen From Screwed Magazine 

http: / / www. facebook. com/ home. php? # ! / pages/ San- Fran cisco- CA/ Im- In- The- Zone- with- Jessica- Hoeschen- Jottings- and- Hot- Spots/ 174275355165? ref= ts Jessica Hoeschen is a columnist for Samantha Puckett's online magazine, 'Screwed.' Her column is titled 'I'm In The Zone! with Jessica Hoeschen: Jottings and Hot Spots.' She is pursuing a career in Marketing/ Human Resources. She would like to transfer to CSU East Bay (Concord, CA) and after work for the San Francisco Giants. Also, she…

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Just moved up to # 3 on reverbnation! Somehow keep getting beat out by my brothers band (The Shatterbrains) @ # 2 Damn It! Guess it's a good thing those bastards are on my Record label! ;)


"Give me a gun" has moved up to the next tiered station, SongVault Finals on It is now just 1 tier away from getting placed in the SongVault Directory and having a permanent placement on the SongVault radio network & Still at # 4 on reverbnation charts for Vancouver, WA! That's two month's in a row! I guess I'm just that good! ;)


Still in the top 40 on (alternative auditions) charts (Quick & Caught in the cycle). And still in the top 20 (alternative showcase charts) (Give me a gun)! That's 2 month's in a row! & # 4 on the alternative charts for Vacouver, Wa. on Reverbnation

Television Interview with Wilson Freimuth on his new show called (Metro Talent Show)! 

First television interview featuring RF (aka) Rick Freimuth of (The Bittersoundfase) with Wilson Freimuth on his new show called (Metro Talent Show)! The Show will be aired sometime in the late spring or early summer on some local cable stations. The interview will also be aired via podcast and streaming internet video right here on this very website. Stay tuned for further updates!